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Manticore is a Hero, a Task Force organizer in Brickstown, and a member of the Surviving Eight and the Freedom Phalanx.

  • in Recluse's Victory as a Neutral signature hero
  • on the Investigate Nemesis Base mission from The Dark Watcher as a Hero and an Enemy (Levels 40-45) (Not the true Manticore, but a perfect copy of him)
  • on the mission Investigate this 'Man of Conflict' during the Mender Silos Task Force as a Boss and an Ally (Levels 46-50)
  • on the mission Fight against Arachnos in Striga during the Mender Silos Task Force as a Boss and an Ally (Levels 46-50)
  • on the mission Meet up with Vindicators during the Mender Silos Task Force as a Hero and an Enemy (Levels 46-50)
  • on the Agree to Mender Silos' mission during the Mender Silos Task Force as an Ally (Levels 46-50).
  • in Recluse's Victory as a signature hero and an Enemy.
  • on the mission Capture Gally Ido and discover her benefactor from Westin Phipps as a Hero and an Enemy (Levels 40-45)
  • on the Investigate Nemesis Base mission from The Dark Watcher as a Hero and an Enemy (Levels 40-45) (Not the true Manticore, but a perfect copy of him)
  • on the Destroy Statesman and Freedom Phalanx mission during the Lord Recluse Strike Force as a Hero and an Enemy (Level 45-50)
  • on the Agree to form a Strike Force mission during the Mender Silos Strike Force, as a Hero and an Ally (Levels 46-50)
  • on the Determine the true depths of Manticore's evil ways. mission during the Mender Silos Strike Force, as a Hero and an Ally (Levels 46-50)
  • on the mission Assault Siren's Call during the Mender Silos Task Force as a Hero and an Enemy (Levels 46-50).

Weapons and Equipment [ edit ]

The tank's main weapon is the Parti-Kill Heavy Cannon PPC, backed up by a SureShot Mk VI SRM-6 rack. The LRM is mounted on top of the main turret, just above and behind the particle cannon. It is mounted on vertical and horizontal swivel mounts, giving the pack a full 120-degree arc of fire independent of the turret. Both PPC and SRM are supported in their respective range brackets by a Far Fire Medium Missile Rack and OMI High Burn Medium Laser. Α] Β] Γ]

The Golden Period:

Manticore was based in an old ABC cinema on Fulham Palace Road in west London, complete with Manticore signage hung proudly outside. The old projection room was turned into an office while the auditorium was converted into a rehearsal space. The label’s small yet diverse roster saw a variety of talent, all with an acute eye on the American market.

Pete Sinfield was the house poet, if you will, moving between writing for ELP and releasing Still, his one and only solo album. &ldquoPete put together a great band and we did a special show in the Manticore cinema &ndash Nesuhi Ertegun from Atlantic Records flew in from America for it,&rdquo Young recalls.

Sinfield also provided new English words for Manticore’s outstanding prog act, the Italian PFM, to sing.

Hanson was a showcase for Junior Hanson, who as Junior Marvin became one of Bob Marley’s Wailers. Stray Dog, another signing, were so named after the heroic creature from the Tarkus story. There was also the ethereal singer-songwriter folk of one-time Bowie cohort Keith Christmas. His second album, Stories From The Human Zoo, recorded in Los Angeles, featured assistance from Steve Cropper and Donald &lsquoDuck’ Dunn.

ELP were, of course, the star turn, and the label released their work right at their summit. Brain Salad Surgery remains their masterpiece, a balance of prog and pomp that showcases their considerable talents. Their triple live album, the love-it-or-hate-it Welcome Back, My Friends, To The Show That Never Ends… is one of the most successful three-disc sets of all time.

As ELP grappled with prohibitive tax arrangements in the UK, Carl Palmer told Melody Maker’s Chris Welch in 1974: &ldquoWhen you’re involved with a big, successful group, and your own record company, it’s easier to work in America. It’s easier to get a record label like Manticore off the ground in America too, because there’s more talent there.&rdquo

In the States, the label became run by industry legend Mario &lsquoThe Big M’ Medious, who’d been running the promotion department of Atlantic in New York City.

Thee Image were a funk and AOR-based signing that featured an ex-member of Iron Butterfly. There was also an up-and-coming talent called Little Richard. &ldquoMario was friendly with Richard and brought him over to see me,&rdquo Young recalls. &ldquoI was a huge fan, of course, and had to sign him. I put him on a tour with Johnny Winter to see if we could cross him over to the rock audience.&rdquo

Although Little Richard’s solitary release on the label was not a huge success, it demonstrated Manticore’s willingness to diversify.



A Manticore firing its payload of missiles

Compared to the Earthshaker Cannon, a Manticore is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment, utilising audio-modulated radio control systems, gyroscopic roll stabilisation and radar tracking. The Manticore can be used to fill a number of roles and make up any shortages in the existing order of battle of the Astra Militarum. When armed with anti-aircraft missiles it can stand in for a Hydra, when armed with oxy-phospor incendiary warheads it becomes a devastating anti-infantry weapon, and when armed with high-explosive warheads it can even be used to attack enemy tank formations.

Each Manticore Missile is divided into five components: the fuse, control and guidance equipment, an electrical unit, an explosive warhead and the missile's propellant tank. Each missile is powered by a two-part solid-fuel rocket that generates speeds of up to 300 metres per second once airborne. Due to the restrictions on the number of missiles available, Manticores are not as commonly seen on the battlefield as Basilisks. This means most artillery barrages are still fired by breach-loading artillery, though Imperial Guard commanders find the Manticore's tactical flexibility very useful.

Each Storm Eagle Rocket, the most common munition now used by the Manticore, is a self-contained arsenal. Mounted upon a single-stage booster and fitted with guidance and detonation-Augurs, these munitions are capable of extreme range bombardment. The Storm Eagle warhead contains concentric racks of high explosive bomblets, each soaked in sacred unguents of the Adeptus Mechanicus and hand-scribed with the One Hundred Canticles of Wrath. Soaring across the battlefield upon a contrail of flame, the Storm Eagle descends upon its target like an avenging angel. The deafening roar of the rocket's approach causes foes to abase themselves in terror, or flee screaming in a hopeless attempt at self-preservation. Directly above the target zone, the blessed warhead breaks up, unleashing its payload of bomblets across a wide area. Tanks are sent cartwheeling by concussive blasts, or are completely pulverised by the force of multiple detonations. Infantry are atomised or hurled into the air, blackened bodies tumbling down around the impact zone like ash from a hellish conflagration. Each warhead spawns a thunderous carpet of explosions that leave nought but wrath-strewn debris in their wake.

A Manticore from the Cadian 190th Armoured Regiment prepares to launch a Storm Eagle Rocket.

Whilst extremely powerful, the Manticore is notoriously unpredictable. The temperamental Machine Spirit of this artillery vehicle must be continuously tended to by a group of the artillery battery's attendant Tech-priests. Otherwise, without the appropriate blessings, the Machine Spirit may be offended, resulting in rockets veering off-target or even failing to detonate. Unfortunately, it is more common for the Manticore's weapon system to simply jam and for its rockets to be unable to launch. In very rare circumstances, it has been recorded that Manticores have unintentionally fired their entire payload at once, resulting in the catastrophic destruction of entire Imperial units.

Despite the Manticore's unpredictable streak, many commanders consider the rewards of their successful employment more than worth the gamble. A single Manticore is adjudged by the Departmento Munitorum to be equal in material value to an entire battery of lesser ordnance, and with good reason. When the rocket launchers are attached to Imperial Guard regiments for support, most officers employ them as terror weapons at a pivotal moment, using the might of the Manticore to deliver the decisive killing blow.

The Manticore can be equipped with several different types of missiles, including the Manticore Missiles, the anti-air Sky Eagle Rockets, and the now-standard Storm Eagle Rockets. The vehicle is normally equipped with a forward hull-mounted Heavy Bolter, but it can also be outfitted with a Heavy Flamer if needed. The Manticore can be also be equipped with the following enhancements: Camouflage Netting, Extra Armour Plating, a Hunter-Killer Missile Launcher, a mine sweeper, improved communications equipment, a Pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber or Storm Bolter, a Dozer Blade, rough terrain modifications, a Searchlight, track guards, and Smoke Launchers.

Characteristics [ edit | edit source ]

When woged, Manticores bear a strong resemblance to Löwens, only they have much larger manes that seem to grow grey as they age. From their spines extend black, chitinous scorpion tails. They are able to move and control these tails and often use them in combat. These tails are capable of delivering powerful blows, and they contain a dangerous poison with high amounts of neurotoxins and nerve inhibitors that are similar to the venom of scorpions of the family Buthidae. This poison can paralyze and kill an adult human, as well as another Manticore, in mere seconds. As such, it is the Manticores' common method of killing. Manticore tails do seem somewhat sensitive though, as a single stab with a knife was enough to cause one Manticore to rear back in pain. However, Manticores are vulnerable to these toxins and can be killed by their own stinger if they are stabbed with it like Juliette did to Jonathon Wilde. ("Maréchaussée")

According to Monroe, Manticores are very difficult to kill. ("Maréchaussée") They are also superhumanly strong on a level impressive even by Wesen standards, as they are capable of lifting and throwing humans and other Manticores across a whole room with ease. They also possess a great agility, able to make lion-like leaps over a distance of several yards. Their durability is also impressive, as they are able to take multiple blows from another Manticore. These abilities do not seem to be hampered by age, as the elderly Colonel Desai was able to fight with the much younger Jim McCabe. Likewise, the fact the Manticore was dying of lung cancer and only had months left to live seemingly did not affect his abilities.

Tactics [ edit | edit source ]

By 1900 PD, there were two schools of tactics. The first school was the traditionalists lead by Admiral of the Green Hamish Alexander. The second school was the jeune ecole, which was lead by Admiral of the Red Lady Sonja Hemphill. The jeune ecole viewed the tactics of the time as indecisive, so formalized that waging a decisive campaign was nearly impossible with current weapons. Admiral Hemphill and her group theorized that the growing number of better weapons and technology would make the traditionalist view outdated and outmoded. The traditionalists viewed the jeune ecole's material warfare approach as expensive and wasteful, and were horrified at the loss of life the jeune ecole were willing to embrace in order to achieve that superiority. The RMN has managed to steer a middle course between the two (though not without bitter infighting), with carefully considered new technologies adopted into existing schools of tactical thought. (HH2)

In an effort to provide an adequate defense against Haven, a string of supply and maintenance bases were built that went through many systems such as Yeltsin's Star System and by 1905 PD, the line was completed in the Hancock System. (HH3)

  • Hotel-Eight - Hotel-Eight was used in offensive moves. (HH2)
  • Yankee-Two - Yankee-Two was used to evade incoming missiles by hiding their emission signature near a larger friendly vessel. (HH2)
  • Yankee-Three - Yankee-Three was used to evade incoming missiles by rolling up towards the enemy vessel. (HH2)
  • Zulu-Two - Zulu-Two was a maneuver used to evade incoming missiles. In 1903 PD, the HMS Fearless performed a Zulu-Two, when attacked by Navy of MasadaLACs. (HH2)
  • The use of Recon Drones are an integral part of the RMN's defensive strategies. (HH2)
  • Plan Able - Plan Able was a maneuver used to evade incoming missiles while in a fleet formation. In 1903 PD, Captain Harrington initiated Plan Able against a barrage of missiles in the Battle of Blackbird. (HH2)
  • Plan Delta - Plan Delta was a maneuver used to evade incoming missiles. (HH2)

Freedom Phalanx

Deciding to seek purpose Manticore went from vigilante to hero and formally registered as such with the Freedom Phalanx, Paragon City's main organization of heroes. The Freedom Phalanx registered all known heroes, affording them leeway with the police and law-enforcers instead of being vigilantes. The organization cooperated with, but did not specifically answer to local politicians and police. Manticore made a name for himself and soon enough was promoted to one of the top lieutenants of the Freedom Phalanx along with the likes of Statesman, Back Alley Brawler, Sister Psyche', Positron and Synapse. With the support of his fellow heroes, Manticore patrols the streets fighting super-villainy wherever he finds it. Manticore is even one of the premier trainers of the Phalanx's main shock-troops, the Longbow. Though most Longbow in-fact use guns Manticore still trains most of the troops to use precision aiming.


The Manticore is a large lion-like creature with a pair of bat wings affixed to its back, and a poisonous scorpion's tail. It has two forms of attack:

In Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, the Manticore appears first as a boss and later as a normal enemy. A stronger version of the Manticore, called Mushussu, appears in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.

The Manticore also appears as the Poison-element Attribute Card in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.


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